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Janto (Jack/Ianto -Torchwood)
Broken Dreams by [ profile] evalentine99
Summary: Ianto has returned to Cardiff after many years of absence. Jack runs into him literally. It is lust at first sight for Jack. However, it’s loathing at first sight for Ianto. Can Jack overcome Ianto’s dislike of him? Can Ianto overcome the events of his most recent past to overcome his objections allowing them build a future together.

Beutifully Broken by [ profile] backrose_17
Summary: The war had left him broken, but could Torchwood, and more importantly, Jack, heal him, or would the remains if his heart shatter?(Torchwood/Harry Potter crossover)

Bound Together by[ profile] hab318princess
Summary:Torchwood in an alternative BDSM Universe… starting after Cyberwoman… spoilers for everything really.
Warning: Dom/sub relationships, collars, bondage, spanking, flogging, explicit sex,etc.  domestic abuse

Throughout Time and Space by [ profile] bassair
Summary: Six months on after the events of CoE, Ianto wakes up in his grave and claws his way out. But Jack’s already gone. So what does Ianto do? He chases after him, of course.

Sixty Minutes An Hour by [ profile] soera
Summary: In which Ianto falls through the Rift and finds himself two centuries in his future – 1996. Now he has to adapt to modern life, including formal schooling, cars, new laws, and one Jack Harkness.
Warning: AU-Canon

Avalon's Child by [ profile] backrose_17
Summary:The moment they tried to kill him they brought forth a wrath unlike anything seen before. The 456 were easily defeated the moment Avalon became involved but now humanity must face the consequences of actions taken and not taken. The wrath of the dragons will be known as Jack must make amends for a single thoughtless moment that ruined what he had with Ianto or he will risk losing his other half.
(Torchwood/Merlin/Doctor Who crossover)

Warning: none

Ianto's Journey by [ profile] aviv_b
Summary:How Ianto joined Torchwood One and what happens to him during The Battle for Canary Wharf.
(non-canon, Ianto from just prior to The Battle of Canary Wharf to beyond Series 2.  CoE does not exist in this universe.)

Non Linear by misswinterhill (f-locked)
Summary:Ianto Jones died on a Monday night at exactly six thirty-seven p.m. This wouldn’t have been so remarkable if not for the fact that Ianto Jones was fated to exist for longer than almost any dead man in the known multiverse. This is his story. (Dead Like Me crossover)
Warning: Character Death

Legacy of the Bad Wolf by teleens_journal
Summary: The 10th Doctor finds Jack after the events of Children of Earth. COE fix.
Warning: Extreme Torture, Rape, MPreg, Slash, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Mentions of character death, Language, dues ex machina


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Nagron 2

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I posted this pics on my tumblr page,so nothing new. Just a few banner

Pics )

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